We've seen quite a few stories in the news lately where a grandparent or a parent has graduated college with their grandchild, Well here's a new twist. How about a mother and daughter in college together but the daughter is an instructor at the college. That's right, a local mother's college instructor is her daughter.    


Brandy Taylor's sights on college were interrupted over 20 years ago with the birth of her daughter, but she is now a 2022 graduate of the University of Arkansas Hope-Texarkana Funeral Services program.

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Bandy stated in a press release;

“I always wanted to go to college, but sometimes things happen in life to change or delay your course. The biggest obstacle I had to overcome was myself. As they say, ‘The hardest part of something is the start.’ Simply being scared to start something new, since I had not been in any school since 1996, was my biggest challenge.”




Brandy's daughter Brittni Hardie is a Computer and Information Science Instructor at UAHT and encouraged her mom through the years to continue her education and bring her mom more opportunities. Brittni said she knew it would be a challenge but;

" my mom is used to overcoming challenges. She was only fifteen when she became a mom, which presented many challenges in both of our lives. She was there to help me throughout those difficult times, and I was thankful to be in a position where I could now guide her in something that would better her life.”


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Brandy wants to encourage anyone that has had to stop their education for one thing or another and wants to go back to school to do so because it is worth it. as for her daughter being her instructor;

Brandy said,

“Sometimes you see a child and parent end up in college taking classes together, but it is not often that you see a daughter teaching her mother in college. It was certainly an experience I never imagined would happen.”

Brandy will soon be working as an Apprentice Funeral Director/Embalmer at Texarkana Funeral Home. Congratulations to both mother and daughter and such a great story to tell for generations to come.

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