Oh great, just when you thought it was safe to go outside here comes the creepy invasive Jumping Worm.

Believe it or not, some worms just aren't good for us or our soil. This is one of them. It's called the Jumping Worm. It may look like an earthworm but this worm is much faster and moves differently too. The Jumping Worm moves more like a snake and if you disturb them they can spring into the air.

Why Is The Jumping Worm So Bad?


We all know that earthworms are good for the soil as they make their way around they aerate the soil, but the Jumping Worm is not good for the soil. They cause havoc with the soil and plants, which means it will wreak havoc on the environment. Can you imagine soil being destroyed to where it has no nutrients for plant life? That is what this worm is capable of doing.

Vic Ford with the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture, talked with THV11 and said these worms can break down organic matter fast. They can cause a plant's roots to break down so much that they will look like coffee grinds and that of course will kill the plant.


Experts are also concerned about the erosion that these worms could potentially cause. They are watching them carefully. if you do spot them in your garden, there is no real cure. Your only option is to manually pick them up and throw them in the trash.

Is There Any Good News About The Jumping Worm?

The good news is these jumping worms are great for fishing because of their movement, but don't keep them just take enough for the fish and don't leave any of these worms behind because they will only spread and we don't want that.

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