Have you ever sent a video in for America's Funniest Videos? Last night an Arkansas family won first place for their video and it's a good one. Especially if you are an animal lover.

According to 40/29tv.com, the video submitted was of a Fayetteville family's cat and it was filmed by their teenage daughter Roe. The video was sent in  It's Fair time so it's only appropriate that the video would center around a corndog.


Organic CornDog on a stick with ketchup and mustard


Roe's cat Bruiser stole the corndog off Roe's plate when she left it unattended for a few seconds and if you have a pet you know a few seconds is all it takes for an animal to take advantage of a food situation.

Not only did Bruiser steal the corndog he was very protective of it once he got it.

TV Remote Control
Artur Marciniec

In an interview with Roe on 4029tv.com, Roe said she was going to cook the corndog but stepped away to get her phone and when she came back the corndog was gone. Then she saw her cat Bruiser with it. It was quick and good thinking on her part to start videoing her cat because it came in first place last night.

Pile of Money
Ingram Publishing

They won $20,000 with that video. As for Bruiser, we have a feeling he might get a corndog for giving his owners the winning video.



Want to see the video? You can RIGHT HERE!


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