Arkansas is a gun-toting state but what about other weapons for example brass knuckles? Are they considered illegal to carry in the state of Arkansas?

The answer is YES, metal brass knuckles are illegal to have in Arkansas including the use, manufacturing, sale, and possession of brass knuckles is considered a class A misdemeanor. The penalty for possession of brass knuckles is a fine of up to $2,500 and up to one year in jail. Any object that can alter a punch more forcefully to do damage or even kill someone is unlawful to have.

Here is a list of other arms or weapons illegal to have in Arkansas

Sawed-off-shotguns or 50-caliber rifles

Shotgun and Shells
Stefan Malloch

Firearms that are silenced when they're fired such as a silencer

Contract Killer

Machine Guns

Machine Gun

Bombs, contraband, grenades, or other explosive devices made to do harm

Explosion on a bridge over the river
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Firearms that have their serial marks or ID numbers altered or removed

black pistol and cartridges on a black wooden table
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Now, you may be asking what about knives?

Arkansas does not restrict or forbid any type of knife unless you use the knife with intent to stab someone or cause physical injury or death then it becomes illegal. Carrying a knife is okay for protection as long as it's not used illegally.

See the complete guide to illegal weapons you cannot possess. Most responsible Arkansans already know all of this but there may be someone out there who is unaware.

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