This is the first weekend in November, which means a little football, some chores around the house, but it is also the change on Sunday night back to standard time.

With the change in time, we are supposedly going to get more sleep since we 'fall' back but for some of us, it will mean a complete disruption in our sleep pattern. That usually takes weeks to recover from.

The website Express has a few tips for help in making the transition to 'normal' time.

1. Avoid taking a nap. As tempting as it is, do not take a nap on Sunday. I know this is tough for some of us but that nap may make the next morning difficult for you in trying to get up at a different time to go to work or school.

2. Ban technology from the bedroom. This is a tough one, but most of us don't go anywhere without our phones, but just the light from their displays plays havoc with our brains disturbing our natural rhythm of sleep. The experts say to avoid these devices at least one hour before bedtime.

3. Stick to your normal bedtimes. The experts also say you should stick to your normal bedtimes. This little trick can help your body get used to the change in sleep patterns and the increased darkness without feeling too groggy. Try to stick to your same routines and use the clock to keep on time with the changes.

So remember to set those clocks back one hour on Sunday at 2 am morning so you will be ready for all of us to be back on standard time. Oh and here is my story on how Arkansas would like to keep us on standard time year-round. I for one would be so in favor of this.

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